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About Us


Hollywood Real Estate, serving all of your Blake Sea rental needs.  Established over 10 years ago by Nber Medici and Mark Twain White.
We pride ourselves in offering over 100 themed, sailable private regions surrounding the Blake Sea.  If you are looking for a place to live that connects with the Blake, check out our availablility by clicking the Home page.

The Blake Sea Journal

(By Mark Twain White)

The History of Blake Sea

Chapter One
The Formation of the Blake Sea

In November of 2008 Jack Linden contacted Nber Medici. He wanted to arrange a meeting with her and MarkTwain White. He told them about a new program that Linden Lab was starting called the Community Partnership program. The idea was to partner with a few SL communities that had shown good growth and were identified as potential partners with them to future enhance the community in question.

The United Sailing Sims was the first community they approached. They informed him that while the United Sailing Sims was indeed a growing community of ten region owners in the SL Sailing community that it was only one part of the larger sailing community. Nevertheless, he said, the USS was the organization that LL had identified as a well run community that seemed to fit LL’s criteria of the kind of organization they wanted to work with.


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