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Frequently Asked Questions


I want to rent this parcel, what do I do?
After reading the covenant and ensuring it is what you're seeking, right click the land and pay the L$500 deposit.  You will be given a couple of notecards, please read them!!  And allow up to 12 hours for an Estate Manager to contact you.  They will then invite you into the land group and set up your parcel.  
Can I change the title of my parcel, music etc?
Absolutely you can.
How do I deed my security orb?
1: Right-click on security system and choose "EDIT"
2: In general tab in edit-menu, click on "SET" at the right side of the "GROUP" field.
3: Select the LAND GROUP (your parcel group) as the group of the parcel itself.
4: Activate "Share with group" in edit window.
5: Then finally click the "DEED" button in edit window.
How do I know how many prims I am allowed?
We will always put the maximum prims allowed for your particular parcel in the "Land" tab in land description. 
How many prims I am using?
Click "LAND" then "OBJECTS".  The "PARCEL LAND IMPACT" is the prims you are used so far.
Don't look at "PARCEL LAND CAPACITY" as it is not a correct number.  It is important to not go over what you are paying for, which is always in your "LAND DESCRIPTION".
What about terraforming?
Terraforming is turned off by default.  However, if you are experienced and would like to terraform your parcel, please contact us.  Please keep all terraforming to a minimum.  No stretching textures on the land and absolutely NO terraforming tools.  The land must be smooth.  We are more than happy to terraform for you, time permitting.  We can also refer you to a professional landscaper.
Can I use my own land group in my parcel?
No, our parcels must be set to our land groups, no personal land groups are allowed.
The parcel land groups are for your personal use for the duration of your rental.
You can invite whoever you wish into your group etc.
Can we ban people from my parcel?
Yes, absolutely.
Parcel Land Impact Example_edited.jpg
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