Blake Passage Covenant

Blake Passage Covenant 3.7
Last updated: November 6, 2019
Blake Passage Management
Raynne Nirvana - Estate Manager
Anashara Resident - HRE Estate Manager

Nber Medici - HRE Owner and Estate Manager
MarkTwain White - HRE Owner





Available land will be signified with a large "Read me First" info box" and set for sale in the parcel "About Land “tab. Purchase the land only AFTER you have read the covenant. After you pay your deposit, Do NOT turn on AUTO RETURN. DO NOT RETURN INFO BOXES.  DO NOTHING WITH THE LAND until you have been contacted by one of the owners or Estate Managers. You will normally be contacted within 24 hours of land purchase.  The deposit on the land will be refunded AFTER the vendor is paid and the build is approved by an Estate Manager. In all other cases, no refund for the deposit will be given. 

Leasing a parcel in these regions signifies agreement to comply with this covenant.  This covenant tries to focus on common sense restrictions on the nature of the build and the activities that are allowed.  These are residential regions.  No commercial activities are allowed (this means NO vendors on residential land and therefore no shops or clubs.  No sub-leasing of land.
It is impossible to cover every contingency in a covenant.  It is our desire that our sims present an aesthetically pleasing environment. If in doubt, ASK before purchasing items that you are not sure would be approved.
Here in the Hollywood Estates, all our regions exist to provide good sailing, boating, and flying experiences, as well as being desirable places to live.
Residents are not permitted to take provocative actions that would inhibit that experience such as editing other’s boats or planes.
On the other hand, aviators, when not on final descent are expected to maintain a minimum altitude of 100 meters above the seabed (The "X" number on the top display of your SL Viewer Window) and boats are not permitted to travel at high speeds through the region. Use common sense and you will be fine. Those who wish to fight over these issues might find themselves banned from the area.
It is your responsibility to know your prim limits (the prim numbers are provided in the hover-text over the vendor) and how many you have available at any given time. The number of prims that you are allowed will not be the same as reported in about land/objects. Stick to the amount in the vendor. 
Once your parcel is leased we will give you membership in the group that controls your land. You will be given the title of Owner of (name of land) and will have many powers on your land. You will have the power to add others to the group and remove others that you have added.
Please do not adjust your "About Land"  land options.  All of the land options should be set for everyone, except for the build option. 
This allows access for aviators and sailors alike to not run into any snags while flying or sailing. 
If you choose to not renew your lease and your parcel is cleared, and/or you remove yourself from your land group, we reserve the right to reclaim the parcel and set it for sale.

This area is modeled after the Pacific Northwest and the Inside Passage area of Alaska and British Columbia
No lighthouses are permitted without express authorization from MarkTwain White or Nber Medici. Lighthouses should be rare structures, not commonplace. Otherwise an area will start looking like an oil drilling field.
Columbia River Considerations: Because the Columbia River regions are designed to be of Destination Location quality we will be a bit pickier about builds. If you decide to live in the River valley be prepared to work with the managers to make sure that what you rezz would reasonably be found in the area. No bullfighting rings, spaceports, red light districts, space needles, etc. etc. etc. None of those items are permitted in the other regions either.

Build Approval
Send a notecard to Raven Luna, Raynne Nirvana, Nber Medici, or MarkTwain White with details about your build.  Your build needs to be approved either by rezzing it for us to see or by providing a Marketplace link.   Builds should NOT cover every square meter of the parcel.  We recommend that the main build cover no more than about 30% of the parcel area.   Maximum height of any build is 40 meters.  A note about measuring height:  Height measures in the covenant are provided in SL altitude.  When you fly to the top of the tree or building, the SL height will be indicated at the top of your screen.  In essence this would be then the height of the land plus the height of the object. The measurement is from the bottom of your feet.
Each island or river parcel will have a standard flat footprint area suitable for a build of the appropriate size for that parcel. Do not feel you need to fill this flat area up with a build. Just build your dwelling and any outbuildings to the size to be cozy and let the rest of the land be natural.
Standard Footprints:
Parcels up to 4512 sm = 30x30 sm max footprint
Parcels between 4512 sm and 9010 sm = 40x40 max footprint
Parcels above 9010 sm = 40x60 max footprint for main build"
We want to control the number of duplicate houses, especially in close proximity to each other, so you should not assume that a build will be approved simply because one like it already exists. The Estate Manager you are working with can help you with determining when duplicate houses are an issue. It will be on a case by case basis.
All construction projects lasting more than four hours need to take place at or above 2500 meters.  
Sky Builds
Sky builds of any theme are allowed at or above 2500 meters within the boundaries of your parcel. If you plan on using a sky build only please, also, place some aesthetically pleasing landscaping on the ground appropriate to the region on the ground so that the land does not appear to be vacant. 

More Info
Off-sim” builds are not permitted either in your own parcel or beyond the border of your parcel.
There are no roads, therefore no cars or land vehicles. 

Lighthouses are not permitted except those that are grandfathered.
A dirt runway but no outwardly airport-like builds (such as radio towers, radars, etc.) No commercial aviation structures are allowed (only personal aviation items). No runways may have an Airport/Field name associated with them in the Parcel titles. These dirt runways are intended to meet for your private use, not as a base for an named Airport/Field.
Seaplanes and helicopters with pontoons are allowed on residential water in all regions.
Special Note for Columbia regions (those four regions that have the Columbia River in them): Outside of the river parcels it is easy to carve a seaplane mooring out of an existing island. In the Columbia River regions it is much more difficult to do so. Please consult with a staff person if you want to squeeze a seaplane mooring into the narrow confines of the Columbia River parcels.
1. Helicopter PADS are permitted on the parcel as long as they are not readily visible from passing boats.
2. Helicopter pads should be positioned closer to the back of a property than to the front (i.e. not close to the water).
3. No flashing lights on helicopter pads or any other item in the parcel.
4. Helicopters should be obscured by trees or structures in such a way that they are not prominently visible from boats on the water.
5.  Helicopters on pontoons may be moored at the water's edge.
6. Owners and Estate Managers have the final say in interpreting compliance with the rules above. 

The Blake Passage regions have been carefully terraformed to reflect the actual nature of this area.  We anticipate that because of this, the area will become highly desirable.  
While minor tweaks within your parcel will be possible to adjust the land to your build, the terrain in and out of your parcel must fit the estate theme. The parcel texture shall not be altered and must always remain cohesive with all of the parcels within the estate. V-tech and similar landscape texture altering programs are not allowed to be used. 

Cliffs, rocks and other landscaping materials may be used as long as the overall look blends in with the region.
Islands and parcels that are smaller than the 9000 sm (i.e. two islands per region) will have a single dock of varying size depending on the parcel and its location. You may permanently parallel rezz vessels along this dock up to the dock length (e.g. one longer vessel or two shorter vessels, or a vessel and a parallel parked float plane.
Islands of 9000 sm and larger (e.g. two islands or one island per region) will have a small dock complex placed in a small bay area of your parcel which will allow a larger group of permanently rezzed vessels.
If you prefer you may use your own docks AS LONG AS THE SIZE IS NOT LARGER than the dock being replaced. Please notify management if you would like to return your dock.

Each island parcel will have two or more stands of trees on the islands located just outside of parcel lines. These trees will not be counted towards your object limits. You are encouraged to add more trees of the same nature on your actual parcel to further create the look of the wooded area of Inside Passage islands. If you add your own pines or other trees be prepared to change them over to winter versions between December 1 and February 1 each year. (The exact date of when Winter comes and departs may vary from year to year.)

Blake Passage Tree Planting Guide
1. Most Blake Passage parcels have two stands of tall pine trees right next to them (just beyond the parcel boundaries). These trees do not count against your parcel allowance and can be modified (size or group shape) by an estate manager at the request of a resident.
2. On rare occasion we will agree to remove these trees if the resident would like to add  tall pines of their own inside their parcel.
3. Beyond replacement trees mentioned in #2 residents are encouraged to add extra trees to their parcel in the ratio of 4:1. That is: for every four tall pine trees put out by a resident (other than replacement trees mentioned in #2) a fourth non-pine tree can be put out as long as it can be demonstrated that the tree lives naturally in Tree Zone 4 in the common classification of plant life in horticulture guides in the US and Canada.
4. Here is a link for many examples of trees that exist in Zone 4 throughout the USA and Canada:
5.Note that for a tree on the above page is acceptable IF it is  listed as existing in Zone 4 and an OUTSIDE tree  Being listed as Zone 4 INSIDE or potted tree or bush does not qualify to be used in the outside parcel areas.
6.  We ask that trees NOT be set to “full-bright”.
7. Maximum height of trees is 50 meters.  See above paragraph for measuring height.

Sailing and flying rights are paramount. If your parcel extends into the water, sailing may occur across your private property and nothing shall prevent this.
Security Orbs are permitted. They should allow a minimum of 30 seconds warning. Their purpose is to deter the honest resident that just made a mistake. Don’t set the orb to automatically send them home. Rather eject the person from your parcel. If they are true griefers that are truly harassing you multiple times the solution should be to request a wider ban than just your parcel
Orbs may cover only the land and docking area of your parcel.
Orbs may not block the passage of vessels in any navigable waters touching your parcel. We have tried to keep navigable waters out of your parcel but cannot always do so.
Orbs may not restrict air rights above 75 m (z number). Aircraft may freely pass over your parcel as long as they stay above 75 m (z number)
Orbs may cover only the land and docking area of your parcel.
Orbs may not block the passage of vessels in any navigable waters touching your parcel. We have tried to keep navigable waters out of your parcel but cannot always do so.
NO electronic ban lines or red restriction tapes are permissible. You are free to use a security system for your sky build.
Breedables, Prim Babies, Zooby Babies and Zooby Train a Pets are not allowed in any HRE Regions.
Farming Systems may only be used at 2500 m or above.
Moderately scripted pets and animals are allowed if their combined total memory count does not exceed 5000 KB.

A 24-hour notice will be sent asking you to remove any pets or animals found not falling within these guidelines. If you do not comply, the item/items will be returned without additional notice by the management.  Due to the nature of some of these pets and animals, we refuse any responsibility for damage caused by the return.
Any use of excessive scripts or other such activities that adversely affects region performance will not be permitted.
Weather systems are not permitted. Since Blake Passage is designed to be a cohesive land area of 29 regions it looks odd when a weather event occurs over a single parcel. When we see this we come looking for Charlie Brown.
Temp Rezzers are NOT allowed.
No signs - no spinning or flashing prims. No particle effects allowed except for falling leaves and bonfires.  
While we do not care what you do inside your home or in your skybox, our regions are “moderate” and we interpret that to mean NO PUBLIC NUDITY. 

The following policy applies to all residents of regions owned by Hollywood Real Estate (regions owned by MarkTwain White and Nber Medici). Residents come to us and ask if they can move from one parcel to another and take their tier with them. While we can certainly understand the desire to move, it does take valuable time from the owners and the estate managers. If you request to move to another parcel, you will be charged $1000 L. The value of the remaining tier will be added to the rental at the new parcel after four weeks have been paid at the new parcel.
Residents who abandon their parcels will normally not receive any refund of unused tier.

We reserve the right to change the conditions of the covenant at any time. The latest version of the covenant will always be found in your Covenant tab in the About Land section
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone acting in an unruly manner, abusing or threatening staff & residents, or for any reason that we see fit.
Management reserves the right to add additional regions in the area including next to your region.
This covenant is subject to change as circumstances require without notice in order to serve our residents and maintain our estates A few examples of reasons being technological advances, new tier system set ups or new staff additions to name a few.