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Blake Estates Covenant

(HRE - Hollywood Real Estate)

Raynne Nirvana - Estate Manager
Anashara Resident - Estate Manager
Nber Medici - Estate Owner and Estate Manager
MarkTwain White - Estate Owner

Blake Estates is a tropical/palm tree theme
(No season region = no seasonal trees)

Blake Estates is part of the LINDEN LAB Blake Sea Program.  Residents must conform and abide by the Blake Sea Code of Conduct and the Linden Labs Terms of Service at all times.     This covenant is our means of ensuring the preservation of our different themed regions, and the quality of life which our residents deserve. Please read this covenant completely, as its terms will be enforced. Non-compliance may result in forfeiture of land without refund. No commercial activities are allowed (this means NO vendors) and therefore no shops or clubs.

ALL LAND SALES ARE FINAL - no refund! You will lease your land for the time you paid.

This is not a land purchase, it is a lease/rental agreement.  The land will be set “for sale” in order for it to show up on the World Map in yellow.  To rent this parcel we ask you to pay a L$500 deposit by right clicking the land and selecting "Buy".  You must agree to this covenant before the purchase will be finalized.  This purchase is a deposit for your rental.  At this point please wait for an Estate Manager.  They will contact you within 12 hours, often less.  Please do nothing with the land or land settings while waiting, as we will be putting the land into the proper land group (as explained below).  The Estate Manager will ask you to pay the first 2 weeks of tier/rent to the coin on the dock.  Your deposit for the land will be returned to you upon the completion of your sale.


The priority of our theme is sailing first, and residential second. Sailing is the backbone of this strongly themed community.  Residents are not permitted to build or do anything that would inhibit the sailing experience. Intentional interference is considered griefing and possible grounds for eviction, ejection, reclaiming of land and/or banning of guests or residents. 

Our Blake Estates theme is the Tropical Modern/Urban Caribbean or the Tropics.

In order to guarantee the theme, each parcel is held in group ownership that has been previously set up. Each parcel has its own unique group.  As the tenant you will have all appropriate group powers and may invite others to the group.  Terraforming is not enabled, but minor terraforming can be done by the estate managers.


Send a notecard to an Estate Manager with details about your build.  Your build needs to be approved by an Estate Manager, either by rezzing it or providing a Marketplace link. 

* Duplicate Houses:
You should not assume that a build will be approved simply because one like it already exists.  If you see the same house in line of sight or in close proximity, it will not be approved.  Our Estate Managers can help you with determining when duplicate houses are an issue. It will be on a case by case basis.
* Build Sizes:
No builds shall exceed 18 meters in maximum height, excluding chimneys.
(If you stand on the roof you should not be higher than 40m)
Standard Footprints:
Parcels up to 4512 sm = 30x30 sm max footprint
Parcels between 4513 sm and 9010 sm = 40x40 max footprint
Parcels above 9010 sm = 40x60 max footprint for main build
Please ensure your build is at least 5 meters from parcel lines.
Sky boxes & construction projects - any size, shape, or theme are allowed above 2500 meters within the boundaries of your parcel.
No additional lighthouses. Those currently on estate land are the only ones allowed.

* Landscaping
The parcel has already been terraformed to fit the estate theme.  Cliffs, rocks and other landscaping materials may be used as long as the overall look blends in with the region and are not unreasonably high.  Off-sim builds are not permitted.  We encourage you to add plants that enhance the theme of your location.

* BOAT SIZE RESTRICTION - over all areas
Absolutely no oversize yachts.  The maximum length allowed is 28 meters or less. You may rezz a larger vessel and sail or motor away.  Motor Yachts may not exceed 4 meters in height, excluding sails/masts etc.  Please do not turn your parcel into a boat yard.  

* Vehicle usage
There are no roads, therefore no cars or land vehicles.  

* Seaplanes and Helicopters
Seaplanes and Helicopters with pontoons are allowed on residential land in all regions.   Helipads will be allowed if they do not detract from the natural look. Helicopters should be obscured by trees or structures in such a way that they are not prominently visible from boats on the water.

Sailing and flying rights are paramount. If your parcel extends into the water, sailing may occur across your private property and nothing shall prevent this.
Security Orbs are permitted. 
* 30 seconds warning minimum.
* Eject from parcel, do NOT tp them home or ban them.
* Not above 75m (z number)
Security Orbs are to deter the honest resident that just made a mistake.  Orbs may cover only the land and docking area of your parcel.  Orbs may not block the passage of vessels in any navigable waters touching your parcel.  Aircraft may freely pass over your parcel as long as they stay above 100m (z number)
NO electronic ban lines or red restriction tapes are permissible. You are also free to use a security system for your sky build.

Please do not adjust the settings other than the privacy button, your parcel name, music etc.
The Auto Return function will be turned on for your parcel.  Any item NOT rezzed by you or a group member will automatically return after 3 minutes.  This is to ensure you are protected from griefing and nuisance prims (crashed boats/planes) being left behind. 

* Objects Page
Please note your prim limit is listed in the land description.  We recommend not deleting that as it's your best reference.  The amount shown in the Objects page is NOT what you can use, it includes extra prims for boats/planes to travel through the area.
To check how many prims you are using, please see the image below:

* Options page
Please leave these settings as shown in the gyazo other than the privacy button.
However, please feel free to tick/untick the box to enable privacy.


Farming Systems, Breedables, Prim Babies, Zooby Babies and Zooby Train a Pets are not allowed in any HRE Regions.
The new animesh Zooby babies are allowed, 1 per parcel.  Please return the Animesh Zooby Baby to your inventory when leaving the parcel or it will be returned to you by an Estate Manager as they create lag.
Moderately scripted pets and animals are allowed as long as their combined total memory count does not exceed 5000 KB.  A 24-hour notice will be sent asking you to remove any pets or animals found not falling within these guidelines. Items may be returned by our Estate Managers if needed.

Excessive scripts and Temp Rezzers are not permitted.
No signs
No spinning or flashing prims.
No particle effects allowed except for falling leaves and bonfires
While we do not care what you do inside your home or in your skybox, our regions are “moderate” and we interpret that to mean no public nudity.  


Please fly 100 meters or above.  Close to airports or landing on water is a 75m restriction.  No aerial combat. The attacking of boats or bystanders is a TOS violation. Violators are subject to banning.

While we can certainly understand the desire to move from one parcel to another, it does take valuable time from the estate managers. If you request to move to another parcel, you will be charged L$1000.  That fee will be collected by the individual handling the transfer.  We ask you to make a payment of 2 weeks on the new parcel, we are also happy to transfer the remaining value of your old parcel. 
Residents who leave our regions totally will normally not receive any refund of unused tier.

Given our casper system sends automatic reminders prior to the due date, if your tier is more than 2 days overdue (without prior discussion with Management) we reserve the right to evict.

If you are leaving us, please click the "not renewing" button on the rental coin.
The parcel is yours until the tier runs out.  However, if you clear your parcel and/or leave the land group we will set the parcel for rent.  Please note you are not entitled to a refund. 

*  This covenant is subject to change as circumstances require without notice in order to serve our residents and maintain our estates. A few examples of reasons being technological advances, new tier system set ups or new staff additions to name a few. The latest version of the covenant will always be found in your Covenant tab in the About Land section.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone acting in an unruly manner, abusing or threatening staff & residents, or for any reason that we see fit.  Management reserves the right to add additional regions in the area including next to your region.

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