Sailors Cove West Covenant

Sailor’s Cove West Covenant 
Last updated:  September 2020

* Note:  we use the term “region” in place of the term “sim” that many Second Life residents use. 
Sailor's Cove West Management

Raynne Nirvana - Estate Manager
Anashara Resident - Estate Manager
Nber Medici - Estate Owner and Estate Manager
MarkTwain White - Estate Owner

Leasing a parcel  in these regions signifies agreement to comply with this covenant.  This covenant tries to focus on common sense restrictions on the nature of the build and the activities that are allowed.  These are residential regions.  No commercial activities are allowed (this means NO vendors) and therefore no shops or clubs..  

1.  General Overview  -  Sailing First, Residential Second

Residents are not permitted to build or do anything that would inhibit the sailing experience. Intentional interference is considered griefing and possible grounds for eviction, ejection, reclaiming of land and/or banning of guest or resident. The priority of our theme is sailing first, and residential second. Sailing is the backbone of this strongly themed community.

 2.  Group Ownership of Land:  

In order to control and guarantee theme, each Parcel is held in group ownership that has been previously set up. Each parcel has its own unique group.  The Parcel lessee has all appropriate group powers and may invite others to the group.  Terraforming is not enabled, but minor terraforming can be done by the estate managers.  Landscaping should not be removed.  

3.  Location Themes and Build Approval:

There are two themes:New England and North Woods

The New England regions will have builds and landscaping consistent with the New England area of the United States. 
(Regions with this theme are:  Sailors Rest, Hawks Nest Point, Treasure Cove Passage, LIttle Gull Islands, Mumford Cove, Watch Hill Passage, Cape Elizabeth, Stillwater Bay, Bar Harbor, and Long Island Sound)

The North Woods / Newfoundland regions:  The look of this new theme is more in line with the look north of the New England area. The look the of builds and landscaping in this area must be of a definite Northwoods - Wilderness area feel.  It is a rockier and a harsher shoreline with greener and more heavily wooded interior.
(Regions with this theme are:  Eagle Mount Island, Big Break, Great Manitu Island, Morton Ledge, North Rock, Horseshoe Park, Little Bear, White Deer, Osprey Ridge, and Saginaw Bay). 

Seaplanes and Helicopters with pontoons are allowed on residential land in all regions.   Helipads will be allowed if they and do not detract from the natural look. 

Build Approval:

Send a notecard to Raynne Nirvana, Anashara Resident or Nber Medici with details about your build.  See information below. Your build needs to be approved either by rezzing it or providing a Marketplace link.   

We want to control the number of duplicate houses, especially in close proximity to each other, so you should not assume that a build will be approved simply because one like it already exists.

No new lighthouses.

All construction projects need to take place at or above 2500 meters.  

No builds shall exceed 18 meters in maximum height, excluding chimneys.
No builds shall exceed an area footprint of 1/8 or 12.5% of the parcel size, excluding porches. (Build Footprint = Land Area x 0.125)
You may not build your house within 5 meters of an adjacent ownership parcel line.
Sky boxes - any size, shape, or theme are allowed above 2500 meters within the boundaries of your parcel.


4.  Landscaping

The parcel has already been terraformed to fit the estate theme. Don’t add artificial islands within your parcel.  We will consider that terraforming since it adds land mass. Any “off-sim” builds must be pre-approved and will only be approved if they do intrude into another region.   

Themed landscaping has been preset on the parcel.  You may not remove or delete plants since they are in place to enhance the theme of your area.  You may add plants as long as they are in keeping with the theme of your location. 

5.  Privacy issues (Ban Lines)

Sailing and flying rights are paramount. If your parcel extends into the water, sailing may occur across your private property and nothing shall prevent this.

Security Orbs are permitted. They should allow a minimum of 30 seconds warning. Their purpose is to deter the honest resident that just made a mistake. Don’t set the orb to automatically send them home. Rather eject the person from your parcel. If they are true griefers that are truly harassing you multiple times the solution should be to request a wider ban than just your parcel
Orbs may cover only the land and docking area of your parcel.
Orbs may not block the passage of vessels in any navigable waters touching your parcel. We have tried to keep navigable waters out of your parcel but cannot always do so.
Orbs may not restrict air rights above 75 m (z number). Aircraft may freely pass over your parcel as long as they stay above 75 m (z number)
Orbs may cover only the land and docking area of your parcel.
Orbs may not block the passage of vessels in any navigable waters touching your parcel. We have tried to keep navigable waters out of your parcel but cannot always do so.
NO electronic ban lines or red restriction tapes are permissible. You are free to use a security system for your sky build.

6. Other prohibitions

Any use of excessive scripts or other such activities that adversely affects region performance will not be permissible .

Temp Rezzers used to circumvent the available prim limit of a parcel are  NOT allowed. 

No signs - no spinning or flashing prims. No particle effects allowed except for falling leaves and bonfires.   The effects from the leaves and bonfires must stay within property lines.

While we do not care what you do inside your home or in your skybox, our regions are “moderate” and we interpret that to mean no public nudity.  

7.   How to lease land

Effective with the transfer of the Sailors Cove regions to MarkTwain White and Nber Medici, we use a “lease only” business model.  This is consistent with our practices in our other estates and has been a successful model for some time.

The land will be set “for sale” in order for it to show up on the World Map in yellow.  “Purchase” the land AFTER you have read the covenant.  Do NOT turn on AUTO RETURN!!! DO NOT RETURN LANDSCAPE OBJECTS!!!  All land ownerships MUST be held in *Pre-arranged Group Ownership*.  If you buy this parcel it will give temporary ownership to your avatar. You will be contacted by an Estate Manager who will invite you into the group as the parcel owner.  The land will be deeded back to the group.  DO NOTHING UNTIL YOU ARE CONTACTED.  Your payment for the land will be returned to you and you will pay your rent to a rental vendor.

8. Major Scripted biologicals (Farming Systems, Breedables, Prim Babies, Zooby Babies and Zooby Train a Pets are not allowed in any HRE Regions.
Moderately scripted pets and animals are allowed as long as their combined total memory count does not exceed 5000KB.

A 24-hour notice will be sent asking you to remove any pets or animals found not falling within these guidelines. If you do not comply, the item/items will be returned without prior notice by the management  Due to the nature of some of some of these

9.  Object Management on your parcel

The Auto Return function will be turned on for your parcel.  Any item not rezzed by the owner or a group member will automatically return-- thereby making griefing and nuisance prims left behind by other non-owners or guests a non-issue. 

10.  Vehicle usage

There are no roads, therefore no cars or land vehicles.  Seaplanes and Helicopters may be left out with acceptable structures and with adequate space on the parcel.

11.  Boat Size Restriction

BOAT SIZE RESTRICTION - over all areas
Absolutely no oversize yachts.  The maximum size allowed is 28 meters or less, and not to be larger than a Trudeau Columbia.

12.  Airplane Rules of Conduct

  A).  Minimum flight ceiling is 100 meters above the seabed (the “z” coordinate). Always stay clear of races. skyboxes and the Venue during concerts

   B) No aerial combat. The attacking of boats or bystanders is a TOS violation. Violators are subject to banning.
13.  Moving from one parcel to another
The following policy applies to all residents of regions owned by Hollywood Real Estate (regions owned by MarkTwain White and Nber Medici). Residents come to us and ask if they can move from one parcel to another and take their tier with them. While we can certainly understand the desire to move, it does take valuable time from the owners and the estate managers. If you request to move to another parcel, you will be charged $1000 L.  That fee will be collected by the individual handling the transfer and given to the owner of the region from which the resident is moving. The value of remaining tier will be added to the rental at the new parcel after four weeks have been paid at the new parcel.

Residents who request moves more than once in a 12 month period, will not receive any transferred tier on the second request. They can, of course, still move, but their old parcel will be reclaimed and set for rent when it is vacated.

Residents who leave our regions totally will normally not receive any refund of unused tier.
    * This covenant is subject to change as circumstances require without notice in order to serve our residents and maintain Sailors Cove West Estates.  A few examples of reasons being technological advances, new tier system set ups or new staff additions to name a few.